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Nikki’s American Dream June 25, 2014

Few topics have been as near and dear to my heart the last several years as family and equality. For many of us living the everyday epics as transgender humans there are few topics greater. That’s where the news of a new series, Nikki’s American Dream, starring a fierce and lovely spirit premiering this week made me smile.

The recent media hot topic focus on transgender issues is heating up and the trans community is gaining stronger footing and acceptance with the help of wonderful people like Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, and Carmen Carrera hitting the air waves and magazine covers. As exciting as this has been, it is important to keep perspectives on the closer to home realities as well. An area not very well promoted is the simple truths of family and love , not just the drama and headlines that usually are used in media.

I’ve followed Nikki Araguz Loyd on Facebook for some time now and I am very excited to learn more insights into this amazing woman and her family on this new series. I have been very fortunate in my journey to now have two very young beautiful children and an amazing wife. The path to my self understanding, self acceptance, coming out, battling infertility trying to build our family, and now starting transition has been long. I hope my stories may help others know that trans families are out there and am proud to share with you the links for another families journey.


Nikki’s Family

Nikki Family

As I begin my own medical portion of transition a very large topic is large in my mind. Will equality come in my lifetime? Will my family be stronger for voices like Nikki, Janet, Laverne, and hopefully mine? Check out what Nikki shares on this question.

Do you think equality will be achieved in your lifetime?



Nikki’s American Dream is slated to premiere on YouTube on Saturday, June 28 at 10 a.m. CDT during LGBT PRIDE week.

Nikki’s American Dream: https://youtube.com/nikkisamericandream


Check out this preview, share with your friends, and set your calendars.

Promo Video


Nikki Araguz Loyd



Peace and smiles – Anna Talyn



Op-ed: What We’ve Failed to Remember With the T Word | Advocate.com June 6, 2014

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Norman Spack: How I help transgender teens become who they want to be April 18, 2014

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Laura Jane Grace – Black Me Out (97X Green Room One Night Only) April 13, 2014

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AWOLNATION – Knights of Shame (Audio) January 29, 2014

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Worth the 12 minutes. Amazing!


Transgender Fertility January 14, 2014

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The Next Frontier in Fertility Treatment

Article link is to a nytimes.com post.

Hugely important topic. No one else should be able to decide what you do with your body. I was surprised to read a fairly balanced article use the expression ‘startling’ to describe the images of a pregnant man.


#notyourtransstereotype January 13, 2014

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A powerful piece and needed in media.

Originally posted on Papier Haché:

Being transgender, is, in pretty basic terms, a never-ending quest to assert and affirm the right to define oneself on one’s own terms in a world very intent on preventing one from doing so.  It’s an emphatic denial of the identities thrust upon us by a society that defines us by our adherence to socially prescribed norms.  For people who dare to defy these norms and refuse to be defined by an oppressive society, the punishment is , in turn, that same society attempting to define you by your deviance.  As you can imagine, this is both exhausting and dehumanizing, and our society doesn’t take very kindly to defiance.

Last night I was thinking about some of these things after a search of the word “transgender” on twitter.  I made note of the fact that the word transgender is used as a noun with a depressingly high rate of frequency…

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