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10 Ways To Feel Good About Crossdressing (and life) February 3, 2012

10 Ways To Feel Good! About Crossdressing (and life)

It is easy enough to get frustrated, down, and discouraged in a our everyday world. Add a dose of gender variations and it can be tough to feel good and appreciate our unique gifts at times.  So in this post I am sharing 10 Ways to Feel Good About Crossdressing. Yay! These are not all crossdress specific but hey, feeling good is feeling good. Work it out :)


Let’s start our feeling good journey off with some of the basics and a reminder that it’s ok to not take things so serious and to have fun with crossdressing. Kevin shares his take on crossdressing with a little humor.

Cross-Dressing: What It’s About


Ok, now that we got the basics out of the way we need to purge our frustrations and sadness out in the most humorous way I have seen.  Just remember, you did your best!  (Language warning).

Dane Cook: Vicious Circle “Weep-a-thon” (I Did My Best)


Now that we cried and laughed out our woes lets shift into something more comfortable. This video by Adrian Acosta/Amnesia Sparkles just makes me smile and inspires me to find creative ways to express myself. Oh how fun of a photo shoot that must have been in that dress!

Making of – The Transformation


Ok, here is a bit of a guilty pleasure here. What can make you feel better than boobs? A girl can dream right? CandiFla has amazing, ah, ah where was I? Oh yeah, um,  she has amazing female voice technique videos, and her own special brand of humor. Feeling better… That was easy :)

039 my EASY button boobs


Here is a little deviation in perspective for you to enjoy. In girl and boy mode I still tend to like the same things, even if traditionally very masculine and cliche. This female version of fight club is a perfect blender. lol

Fight Club trailer (Female Fight Club)


Music can be amazing for the soul and now that we are half way down our feel good journey its time to bring the beat in! A little bit of feel good chick music can be just the thing. Here Jessy Fanto and Beyonce will make you actually want to dance! :)

Sexy Crossdresser Jessy Fanto – Beyonce, Love on top


Ok, so gender stereotypical interests can be just as hot in girl, guy or any other mode and does not need to be avoided if it is something you enjoy. This video transcends gender stereotype simply by being pure amazing. I am more of a 4g63 type but let’s not let that get in the way. This always reminds me that amazing things are just waiting for us to go after and do them.

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice


Well, our feeling good about crossdressing (and life) journey is approaching it climax. Amnesia sparkles makes another appearance in this 10 Ways To Feel Good About Crossdressing list along side Jessica Who? (aka Vicki Vegotta). This one is guaranteed to make you laugh and is just pure genius!

Transgender Crossdresser Interview – Amnesia Sparkles Q&A with Vicki Vegotta


At Number 2 in our journey Kevin makes a return with a feel good fun video of his mini adventure. This will make you want to spend the rest of the day playing. Kevin – “I’m gonna dress up like a girl today. What a great idea”. Indeed Kevin, indeed.

MY DAY OFF: A Cross-Dressing Mini Adventure


Feeling good is serious business and seriously the most important thing you could do today. At my top spot is a video that helped me greatly during some dark times. It is practical and uplifting and just plain works when you need to feel better. Take care of your self and those you love.

How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency!

Please comment, like, share if you or someone you know could use a pick me up!


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